Chukwunyere S.D Chukwu is one writer who circles the Nigerian situations in his works. He touches every Aspect Of the Nigerian life ranging from Corruption of Leaders, security men, men and women’s infidelity to mention but a Few! In his play “Aru!Avenge the Avenger” he used characters like Mr Ebelu and Mrs Ugbala to portray the unfaithfulness of most married couples. Mr Ugbala lost his Child because of bad construction and a wicked landlord. These in entirety speak as it happens in our society today. In “Owanbee! One Good Turn Deserves Another” you could see the trauma.the oppression suffered by most tennants in the society of today, the lies people tell to make money and the pranks people play to hit a target, dominantly is d team of prostitution; Eze and other tennants suffered oppression from Bayo the Landlord, the prostitutes at Owanbee hotel, prostitute because they have to survive, and Efe lied to her club members to estort them. All these are what we see in our day to day encounter Wit peoples of our society. “Dan Iska! The Place of Exploit” then highlights the theme of friendship, the less importance placed on human life, and the abuse of office we see everyday in most public servants, especially those meant to protect lives. I think that, Author Chuks wit a bit of craftiness has shownit all, and exposed what the common man dares not say! These plays are worth reading, trust me!

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