Patrick Sawyer gave Ebola on a platter of gold

Oh! Nigeria, big brother do you deserve this?

A man near death but heartless;

Your name stare humanity!

Dark Continent is better

No one respects Patrick in the grave

You’re worse than a beast

You murdered best doctors and nurses

Who wanted to save you for humanity sake?

Our love ones Sawyer you killed

Don’t be proud Ebola, remember Cholera

Your friends HIV and Malaria

They all came with the same force

We’ve over powered you

Thanks to Peter Piot!


Rebelled Patrick and Ebola

You brought down national treasure

Beating securities

Why this development?

Wicked man

Why this wane in our midst?

Monopolizing the system Patrick

You’re worse than a beast

Cursed me with hatred

Why this development?

I heard, you’ve no cure Ebola

I hear you’re the most dreadful

I hear you’ll kill your victim

As fast as twenty one days

Your time will come Ebola.

Thanks to Peter Piot

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