This is a “Nigeria” I love!

She is richer than thought
Richer than expectation of failure
She has not discovered her strength
These strengths are cut across her ethnicity
These ethnicity are richly endowed with rich religion
Nigeria has dreamed above all failures
She’s the only motherland that recognizes race
Cos her culture cut across all tradition
A land of vitality where we’ve not tapped her resources
Excepts crude oil but abounding palm oil

Writing motherland 12.30 pm
Motherland depicting future of hopes
May 29, 2014. NTA and AIT depicting strengths
Vitality as President Jonathan, Patience smiles
Where hundreds of Chibok girls are in tears since 14th April
June 12th, Odi and Zakibam never at sleep
Motherland your finest generations were wipe away
Motherland may you heal Biafarians!
Motherland heal Niger Deltans!
Motherland heal Igbos, Hausa and Yorubas.
Oh! Motherland heal our land of insurgence

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