Bombing with eyes closed

Closing without feeling our pains;

Pains liken to bullet piercing heart of dogs

Bullets humbling weakling citizens,

Who innocently had no hope?

Legs in 10 kilometer away,

Waists in a static point,

Heads shattered but we refused to die.

Yet, this is our strength to confront you.

These legs, waist and heads are our strength.

This has become theater of hope

Fear has gone

You may not see me the sky sees you

I won’t say goodbye


No night is bigger than last night,

Horrible night shocking the world

Night better than other sorrowful past

A chapter that wants to kill feminism

A page written to destroy woman prospect

Little did it occur on responsive future mothers?

Who would’ve suffered abuse?

Who would’ve suffered degradations?

Who would’ve suffered humiliations?

Beautiful queens ever heard of

You strength to die is heroism

Looking the sky I see tears dropping

If you’ll not see me the sky sees it

May I say goodbye!


Why did you go after them in the dark?

Why did you believe you aren’t cruel to womb?

Would you be fortunate to escape?

Why count pains of weakling as heroism?

Why did you escape judgment?

Would religion spare theses atrocities?

You’re worse than an infidel.

Colorless coloration of beauty destroyed

Coloration of evil liken to red thought

Land, air and sea are protesting

Your red blood dries soon

Blood is thicker than water

If you’d seen me the sky does

I may not say goodbye


Ayesha kept asking after you!

Your friends kept me in tears

I told them you’ve traveled

I’d not allowed your writing this exam?

I need change more I never thought

We glue to radio, television with tears

Not minding the fear, lack of power supply

Your dad sits at the door I hung at window

We can’t harvest our farm produce cos of pains

But, I heard you asked after me in your dream

Blood is thicker than water

I am happy now that I’ll see you so soon

You must have seen the sky today

I am not saying goodbye

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