As i wake, i walk a long noon of doubt!
Looking long as many nights pass by
expecting to hear a lost voice
wondering all night if I can hear my own
Days by day seems like year and years
We’re more frustrated than the dead
if I may ask, are we dead indeed?
The night we couldn’t hold this

Malaysia good night says the pilot

Was it battling period?

Surrendering to terrorist
Surrendering to technical bomb

A state I rather boil than live

I can’t imagine this large sound

Good night Malaysia! 8th march, 2014

A sorrowful journey you can’t imagine

Oh! Malaysia! What have you done?

Humanity have cheated you wrongly

Adieu! Malaysia! Adieu MH370


There was no solution

Solving no technical problem

Guys, we’ve no solution to this
Crashing went on with wailing

Oh! Mighty God
Oh! Daddy, Oh! My mother

Oh! My brothers and sisters woo!
Technologies have killed me

Drown my destiny

Sorrow lingers in my heart

Like I could find you all!
At last, mourn, cry and feel pains

Wishing my corpse would be found

I rather die more ways

Than in this state

We had mourn to death

Good day Malaysia! 17th July, 2014

Shattered in terrorist territory

Adieu! MH17! Malaysia! Adieu!


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