Land of generational heroes

Classic height of colorful heroines

Heroines’ happy motherland

Land of milk and honey

GEJ the best president ever had

Who celebrated anniversary and centenary?

I saw Owerri, Murtala airport in its glory

I saw Umudike, Ahmado Bello University

Giant strive in health,

W.H.O says thank you for Ebola

Shameless Majority!

No respect for the minority

Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba sold our birth right

Allow peaceful co-existence shameless tribes

GEJ will win 2015 election

Cos, women vote will count

Motherland happy independence


Electricity strive but giant disperse it

Motherland over 250 ethnic groups but one nation

Agriculture strive but fools oppose it

Motherland over 500 languages but one nation

Education strive but giants oppose it

Motherland, religion, ethnicity worse than Ebola

Motherland orphans are striving to higher heights

Roads reshaped but oppositions crying blue mother!

Ethnicity tears us apart, apart Biafra

Religion tears us apart, apart Boko Haram

Tribalism worse than Ebola Wild West

Motherland minority in pains

Majority cry blue mother

Christianity and Islam on war path

GEJ will win 2015 election

Cos, my mother vote will count

Motherland happy independence!





  1. at 54, we should get all Nigerian on a database so that every Nigerian can be accountable and we can also start benefiting directly from Nigeria our own. We need to fix this now


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