Steering, staring out!

Would man close eyes driving?

When brake ceases

What next?

Life of imperfection

Where stone hut the foot

The foot that can’t hurt stones!

Where is the perfect society?

No society is perfect?

Nobody is perfect


Where is perfection?

That wrecks a car without break?

Chopping off body lotion

Where imperfection occurs

Like a road of orphans

Accident is imminent

Where is the perfect society?

Human is imperfect

No society is perfect

An imperfect man

Nobody is perfect


Fools were taught ones

But life has no duplicate,

Life is a driving scene

Where drivers, drives

Becoming the greatest riders

In an imperfect society

There’s no perfect man

Imperfection is way of life!

In an imperfect society

Nobody is perfect

One thought on “NO ONE IS PERFECT!

  1. Man can only comprehend the things within the range of his understanding and intuitive perception…Man is operating in the Imperfect system according to the author…man can’t be otherwise…Nice thought,


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