Harden children

Whose names ring like bell?

Nigeria knows better

It sounds like thunder

When heroes heard

Igbo again!

Discussing an idea

Strength in thought

Biafra! Ojukwu! Ralph!

What a bomb?

You must account for this death

What’s 20 pounds?

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Oh! Nigeria you hate this tribe

You want Igbo’s destroyed

Oh! Green, white, green

You massacre three million Igbo’s

Oh! Green, white, green

You conspired against Igbo’s

Green, white, green

Oh! Nigeria Igbo’s need peace

You humiliated Igbo’s

Oh! The best you fought

Green, white, green

What’s 20 pounds for?


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In the heart, Igbo again!

Biafra! Ojukwu! Ralph

What’s Biafra?

Nigeria knows the definition

A paragraph of unity

Holding gas with a mug

Land locked ideology

Igbo again!

What’s Biafra! Who is Ralph?

You destroyed humility

What’s 20 pounds?

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