A foolish man cannot be better than
Himself, because fools are fools
Who hardly think or plan!
Fools are like leaves
Easily blown away by the wind
And the sun which then dries them
Like burnt coals!


Waoh! Waoh!
Says the breeze
A fool rubs his mind
When others who are wise do
The result is foolishness because
They are fools!
When the workers who are walking
On the ground reject them
When they trek, it seems as if
They have no heads!


When they talk, it seems as if we
Are all fools to them, because they
Don’t have the respect for the wisdom
When they look at something
It seems as if they don’t have eyes
Voo! Voo! Says the breeze
Fools rub their mind! But what is
Often thought out, is foolishness!

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