Nkechi is like a moving bus

Marriage is like standing at the bus stop

The road that leads to Abubaka’s love

Many have married at the bus stop

Lacking understanding at the bus stop

Eating, dinning with Dele can’t stop

Marriage is like a moving bus

After winning and dinning

It becomes a home

Marriage is wisdom.
Marriage is wisdom.It’s fulfilling to stop Oneme?

It’s good enough to love

It’s not good enough to marry Jesus

Without understanding

Lovers laugh without teeth Oh! Allah

It seems we faults our love in the wind

When happily married people dance

It seems the tongue never fight

When the teeth is in hurry

Tribe does not determine marriage.

When the married advice others

It seems as if they never quarreled

When natural challenges come

Understanding confront quarrel

If there’s need to love

Marriage should understands tribes

Only understanding quarrels in love

Love without misunderstanding

Is unfulfilled marriage

Marriage is golden to the patient.

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