SONGS OF WISDOMggThe book, “songs of wisdom” is a collection of poems and comics built upon witty sayings of the past, the wisdom of the sage and elderly as a means of advice and warning. The beauty of this poems and comics lies in the way the author, not only skillfully translated but also transliterated them. By expansion, the genius of Chukwunyere S.D Chukwu can be better appreciated when we explore how he explicates these proverbs, poems and comics to bring out their hidden meaning.

Th collection covers a myriad of themes, ranging from laudatory, political, religious, inspirational poems to myriad ones on on love and marriage, heroism, loneliness and kindness, ego, greed and despair, the manner he disguised his tone to that of a ‘Grand Pa’ who has gained full knowledge of the world. “Songs of Wisdom” is a mine or a living fountain for all and sundry to draw from the experience of the past to be able to fashion out lifestyle for today for the future.

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